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How to get an A in A-level Philosophy

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How to get an A in A-level Philosophy is the course textbook written with the student in mind. Focused on the AQA philosophy syllabus from 2017 onwards (7172), this book covers all four modules in a simple and concise manner. Using plenty of examples, each idea is broken down into what that idea is, the arguments for that idea, and the arguments against. Later sections explain (with examples) how to communicate these ideas and arguments to achieve maximum marks in the exam.

Inside you will find:

  • Explanation of syllabus topics for all four modules:
    • Epistemology
    • Moral philosophy
    • Metaphysics of God
    • Metaphysics of mind
  • Bullet point summaries at the end of each module
  • Exam blueprint for each question type with examples
  • Example 25 mark answer plans for every major topic
  • 3, 5, 12, and 25 mark practice questions
  • Revision exercises including multiple choice quizzes
  • Glossary of key terms

Second edition published September 2022

Pages: 333

ISBN: 9798719524658

A-level Psychology Revision Guide

UK | USA | Canada | France | Germany | Italy | Netherlands | Spain | Singapore

The entire AQA psychology course (7182) in 191 colourful pages!

A colourful and concise revision guide that covers everything on the syllabus in a simple and straightforward way. Written with the student in mind, these short and snappy revision notes contain everything you need for exam success.

Inside you will find:

  • Straightforward coverage of syllabus content for all topics across all 3 papers:
    • Introductory Topics in Psychology
    • Psychology in Context
    • Issues and Options in Psychology
  • Clearly identified AO3 evaluation points (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Revision tips and techniques to achieve maximum marks in the exam
  • Realistic practice questions based on the AQA exam papers
  • Exam blueprint for each paper with explanations of assessment objectives and example answers
  • Glossary of key terms

First edition published April 2023

Pages: 191

ISBN:‎ 9798387512025

A-level Psychology Practice Papers

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Revise the course content and exam technique simultaneously!

  • Based on the format of the AQA Psychology A-level exam papers
  • Realistic questions that could come up in the exam
  • A* model answers that would be awarded full marks
  • Explanation of exam format and assessment objectives

Based on the format of the AQA Psychology A-level (7182) exam papers, these booklets contain full exam papers with A* grade model answers. Each paper features a unique mix of question formats that includes extended response, multiple choice, and mathematical questions. Available marks for each question are broken down by assessment objective so students can consolidate their knowledge and understanding (AO1), application abilities (AO2), and evaluation skills (AO3).